Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still hazy...

Haiz... the haze is still around. *cough**cough*

It is darm irritating to have this burnt smell in the air. *cough**cough*. I don't even feel like running in the outdoor. Why do we have to suffer because our "good" neighbour is burning trees like it is nothing?? Laws were passed to ensure things go smoothly, and for this case, it IS illegal for them to burn the trees like that, and why isn't their leader doing anything ? They themselves are in a more critical situation than us and yet they are not doing much. Or, is it because they don't have the ability to do much ? Hopefully the wind will change its direction and blow the bloody haze away.

Then, for those who donno, the post 65 ministers have come up with new tricks !!! After announcing that they will be dancing hip hop next year for the Chingay, they have actually come up with blogs. Are they so desperate to reach out to the younger generation ?
Seriously, i don't think it is going to work for me as i think there are certainly other ways for them to reach out to us. Well, they are paid "peanuts", (Mrs Goh said $60,000 is "peanuts", we will remember that !!) , some of these ministers are sitting in the parliament because there wasn't any opposition to challenge them. And yet nothing much has improved. Or do we need to wait till months before the next election to see improvements ? Or do we need another event like IMF to see more flowers on the streets ?

Now, a difficult question for all, who earns more ? Our PM lee, US George Bush or China's Hu Jintao ? Now click on this link and you will find the answer.

And of course, we will never be able to read such news in the local papers. After all straits times is ranked 140 in the world for press freedom.

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