Monday, October 02, 2006

Hazy Hazy Day...

Haze was everywhere since last week. But today, it was more serious, reaching 77 on the PSI, highest at this moment. Some years back, it was even more jialat, reaching 120 and more, but somehow, i felt uncomfortable and irritated by this year's attack. Is it more of a mental thing ? Or is it just because i have become older and my health is declining ? I do hope that, it is the former as i am only 23. Not that old lah.

School started after a week's break. Short, it is. But i felt it was a wasted week as i didn't achieve a lot. Sad. Exams in about 6 weeks time.


Alright, i will i will. I will focus more on my studies. After all, i am a full time student. I shouldn't waste the school fee mah. The haze will improve the day after tomorrow, and hopefully, i will be able to mug and mug and mug efficiently...

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