Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Shifted into hall 3 yesterday, didn't bring a lot of stuffs so it was quite easy. (only 2 big bags !!)

It is indeed a very new place. Better than the rooms i stayed before. Somemore, my room is near the pantry and there is aircon and there is a lift in every block and the reading room is dang conducive to mug and the lounge is so new... woooo... Plus, it is very near to the north spine, about 10minutes of slow walk can reach liao... everything is so good so what more can i ask for ? Well, firstly, the person sharing the room with me is a total stranger. So, i got to know him from scratch; current impression of him - a guy who like to watch anime and laugh out loudly. Then, i don't know my neighbours !! Of course, that being the case of me being new ! Everybody's doors seem to be closed 24/7. No chance of seeing who they are. There is going to be a block BBQ this thursday, thanks to the blk rep (forgot to ask for your name ... ) who asked me so sweetly... haha... but then, i am still thinking of going or not... so well...

I only know of a few people who stayed in hall 3, and they are, Qing Rong, Eugene, Jill, Adelene. Hmm... that's it bah. Hopefully will meet more people that i know of. Well, since i am going to stay till end of nov, should i go and know the hall 3 people better ? I donno leh... how ?

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