Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank you YES933!!

The movie's poster.

Thank you YES933 for giving me the chance to go the studio to meet Kelly Chen who was in town to promote her new movie, <<江山美人>>!! And a very big thank you to the DJ, WeiBin who gave me the chance to interview Kelly!! I still remembered what WeiBin said to me before Kelly arrives, "要保握机会啊!!" And that was what i did, "保握机会"!!

Me and WeiBin.

As the others were too shy to ask, i went ahead and secured the chance. It has been a long time since i hosted events, and suddenly i almost felt like i am going to host one. Even though WeiBin asked me to prepare one question, i was already squeezing my brain juices to come up with a appropriate one. You know lah, celebrities are sensitive to the questions people asked them. If something that he or she don't like was asked, he or she might show you a black face.

YES933's studio.

So, i settled with a very very very safe question: "What are your plans after this movie? New albums? So with that, i was pretty comfortable. At this moment, Kelly arrived and gosh, my impression was that, she is really tall. I heard from Kev she was 1.73m and with that high heels that she worn, i bet she was taller than me. No fair!!!
So she came in, and there were a lot of people who followed her. I can see that included her manager, assistant A, assistant B... and they were speaking in cantonese... so cool!! She was friendly; she waved and smiled at the 6 of us.

The interview was carried out shortly after WeiBin briefed her.
And it was really cool to see how a DJ operates the machines, the computers and stuffs. Normally, we could only their voices but yesterday, i could see how they work!! And WeiBin was adjusting here and there as she interviewed Kelly. WeiBin can really multi-task !! As the first segment of the interview finished, WeiBin played "Lovers' Concerto" and I moved forward to take a seat besides Kelly.

Yes, Besides her !!! It was definitely exciting for me at that moment, i was so star struck. And yes, she still looks good for her age, and she really has very big eyes and sharp nose.
Then, WeiBin raised her hand to signal that we are going on air soon. As the song ended and WeiBin started to speak again. WeiBin asked Kelly a few more questions and one particular one shocked me. WeiBin asked Kelly what were her plans after the movie!!!!!

Gosh and that was the question i had prepared, i gave WeiBin a shocked face and I turned and looked at Kelly. I think she was shock to see me shock. Kind of hilarious actually. WeiBin then gave me a signal to tell me to relax and i was like, "are you sure or not..." In the end i still asked the same question but i added slightly more, " do you plans to open a concert in Singapore?"
I guess this addition makes my question slightly different from WeiBin's. Cold sweat wor...

And that was not the end, i got to talk about the movie and theme song as well. So, it was like a chit chat session with Kelly and WeiBin. And that was fun!!!!
As the interview ended, Kelly was brought to another room. The 6 of us were wondering if we could take photos with Kelly as the people who came with her wasn't very friendly. Or maybe they were just tired, i don't know... But in the mean time, i got to talk to WeiBin and she was really really very friendly and nice. She even suggested to us to wait outside so that we can "catch" Kelly when she leaves. And that what we did.

One funny thing happened next.
I asked Kelly if we could take a group photo with her, she looked like it is ok but at this moment, there were 2 voices. Her manager said YES, but one of her assistant said NO. Kind of funny because the answers came at the same time. Well, the manager has more powerful and so we managed to have a picture with Kelly.

Me and Kev, the 2 excited fans.

Overall, it was a great experience as it was my first time going to YES933's studio. And of course, it was 1st time meeting Kelly Chen. Marvelous experience !!!

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