Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stress is building up...

With 3 more weeks to exam, stress is indeed building up. What really bothers me are 3 things - FYP, final exam and WATUSA.

With more and more people around me finishing their FYP, i am really stressed that i have not. My tutor has not got back to me with regards to my first draft. Seriously, i don't think i have done a good job for it, so i am worried about that.

Then, the exams are coming; although there are only 3 papers, it felt like there is 30 papers. Probably it is because this will be the final one.

Last but least, WATUSA is kind of stressful also. Especially the part that concern the $$. The whole thing sounds expensive and it is really expensive. And it doesn't helps that Speedwing and Gasi Travel's staffs have ridiculous attitude problem. One thing for sure, i am never going to buy any travel package from Gasi Travel. Never.

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