Thursday, March 03, 2011

Julia Dimon: “Dubai lacks soul”


I just caught an episode of “Word Travels” on TV. Two travellers, Julia and Robin went to places all over the world, did something crazy aka interesting there and wrote about their experiences. I have not been to Dubai so I do not know how true Julia’s statement (as of above) is but one thing for sure, Singapore is different.

With the many races, cultures and religions here, Singapore is pretty vibrant. Although I think we are still far from being New York City, we have done things with our own unique characteristics. With more foreign talents and workers coming into Singapore, maybe things might get even more interesting. Before that can happen, I hope that the infrastructure can be ready to accommodate the increase in population.

Maybe we can build more roads. Maybe we can add two more carriages to the MRT trains. Maybe we can implement water taxis. Maybe we can fly to work. Maybe we can have more shopping malls. Maybe maybe maybe…

Still, the important thing here is to remember our identity as Singaporeans. What makes Singapore, Singapore? Answer: Singaporeans!

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