Wednesday, March 02, 2011

5cm cost me two hundred bucks


It was a very last minute decision to take IPPT today. Without much training and a suddenly-don’t-know-why painful left knee, I cleared the test. Just 5cm more on the Standing Board Jump and I would have left Bedok Fitness and Conditioning Centre (BFCC) with another $200 richer.

I have always enjoyed going back to BFCC since I had spent half of my NS time there. The current batch of Fitness Specialists behaved just like what I did last time – cold, no smile, no nonsense. This is after all the army and not some country club.

I can never forget the toilet at Level One. When we just moved over to Bedok Camp, our Encik was super duper garung that he made us cleaned that toilet. What for? I still don’t understand. Why did he want FS to do a cleaner’s job when there were cleaners around. Why? Oh well, this is the army.

Maybe I shall train properly and return to BFCC again for another attempt before my window closes soon. Maybe I will… ($.$)v

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