Saturday, March 05, 2011

I want to step inside Johnnie Walker Jet Black

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Ho ho ho… Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party will be held on 12 March 2011 and the location will only be made known to the invitees!!! Imagine dancing next to some VVVVVVVIPs at a party with flavours from Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and London… Cool huh…

The location of the party will be announced later but I have a very strong feeling that it will be held at a place high high up in the sky. It could be the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands or 1-Altitude at One Raffles Place. Both have stunning views of the skyline of Singapore and they are definitely the most stylish place to be at.

Of course, no matter where it is going to be held, I wish to be there at the party. Thankfully we have Nuffnang who is giving out invites to some lucky fellows. I hope one of them is me. Anyway, what “Keep Walking” means to me is…


No matter what happens in life we have to KEEP WALKING.

Flunked the exam or passed the driving test or ate something yummlicious? There are happy times and lousy times and I believe this is call LIFE. Nobody’s life is straight like a line, we will have our ups and downs. This is what make life so interesting.

When we fell down, we have to look back and wonder why it happened. Try to think of things to prevent it from happening and carry on with life.

If you struck Toto, remember that feeling. Whenever you are down and requires some positivity, recall it and move on.

Life is short but it is great. Balancing work and play is what I believe we should all try to do. I have worked hard and now I wish to play hard at the Johnnie Walker Jet Party – *hint *hint!

And, my birthday is around the corner. (^.^)v double *hint *hint.

Thank you Nuffnang for giving us a chance to attend the event.

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