Sunday, June 05, 2011

Are YOU Ninja enough?


It rained so heavily a few hours before the Prelim started that I almost want to do it another day. Rainy days can be such a good excuse to procrastinate on things. From the Foodcourt at Level 3, one can see the whole course clearly. Ain’t that big but it ain’t easy too.


Sounds good huh? Rock and Roll Barrels? Well, many participants couldn’t clear this obstacle because some how they slipped between the gaps and fell into the water.


Then jump from the platform onto this obstacle called the Topsy Turvy. It spins! There are two spinning platforms and they spin in different directions.


Hug the Bear and there you zip across!


The rules are simple: get across via the bottom part of the net, you fall you out!


Bounce Bounce Bounce and you shall clear this easily.


The finale for this course is the Helipad! Basically there are six “steering wheels” and they rotate when you grab hold of it. Easy? Better to try it out yourself!

Registration is opened till 15 June, so you still have time to sign up for it if you are adventurous enough for it. Practices are from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 9pm. And oh, participants can do as many runs as they like until they are satisfied with the timing.

Head off to Velocity @ Novena Square now or sign up online via

The fastest timing recorded so far is 35.56s. Fast. Very fast. I think I want to challenge myself to beat this timing. Possible?

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