Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eco Music Challenge 2011 SHOWCASE!


Participants from last year’s edition of the NEA Eco Music Challenge (EMC) came back to the Timbre @ The Substation to present an awesome performance! There’s Inch Chua as the poster girl for this year’s EMC. She said something like this which I thought was very well said:

“When two dots meet, everything suddenly make sense and wah-lah I am on my way…”

Ok, to be honest, I only remembered the “two dots” meeting one another, the other half of the line was something that I squeezed out of my brain. Inch was referring to composing songs and going green when she mentioned the two dots. So when these two components meet and combine in the EMC, she felt that it was a perfect platform for her to showcase her songs and to promote environmental awareness.


The stage at Timbre @ the Substation was all set up and ready for our performers! Hit it!!!!!!!!


Seriously, I have previewed some of the songs submitted for this year’s Eco Music Challenge and I felt that the standards are very very high. Most of them, I would say, can be put into an album and is ready for sale. Now who said Singaporeans are not creative and we don’t have enough talents? We just need time and with the right opportunities, they will rise.

Now if you are reading this post for some reasons, pick up your guitar and start composing something. This is a great way to step into the local music industry and doing good at the same time. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Last day of submission is 20 June 2011 via the official EMC website,

Need some inspirations for your work? Go to the website and take a look what others have done and be impressed…. (^.^)v

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