Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a bit happier

Well well well... today went to the APB with etpSIX ppl. It sure was a great experience, especially the drinking part... but then i guess that was the only fun part. Other than that, we were shoved around the factory looking at huge containers and the bottles and cans which we can't touch nor drink. So when we finally finished the walk, all of us were very excited... coz free flow of beer is the reason of us being there. haha... drank tiger which was good, very fresh. drank coke which tasted better than the one sold in the Fairprice. drank a bit of anchor, baron, heineken here and there... i still prefer tiger... it was really free flow at $2 !! If the bus didn't come at 3.30pm, i guess we would have played "zhong ji mi ma" till donno when...

Anyway, after which we went back to school to finish our presentation rehearsal. which turns out to be another round of ...
i would blog that out another time... now tired... very tired... slightly happier than yesterday. for those who suddenly want to buy my tickets... thanks... donno what got into you guys... donno what to say but thanks!!

Once again :

17th @ DXO $16 Presentation Show
20th @ Pavillion $25 The Main Event

if you wanna come, you come loh...

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