Monday, May 22, 2006

La la la la ...

“And the 1st runner up is … Hougang!! Congratulation to Bukit Batok to clinch the title, Mister Singapore 2006!! ”

With that, the pageant, Mister Singapore 2006, ended.

Well, hmm… it has been great. Being able to see how the showbiz function. I know this is like just a bit of what the real showbiz is like… but I guess it is good enough. Finally, it is over and life should get back to normal. Well, I am still an engineering student. Life has indeed been spiced up because of this event. And, there were some freebies as well, like the CleverWhite tooth whitening kit, the NUM attires (which seems to be wore before by somebody else… hmmmm…), one set of crocodile outfit (which resembles the SBStransit bus driver outfit… wooo…)

About the flow of the show, feedbacks from my friends were not very good. And I agreed with them as well. There were many “funny incidents” happening here and there, like when Alan was talking, the music suddenly “appeared” of nowhere. And, the wrong music was played for Raphael to come on to stage. The mike always seems to have some problem. And to be frank, Celine wasn’t really a good host, Alan pulled her closer to him as her position was off the camera. Denis was like saying, “ I don’t see how this pageant is a big event…” Guess, the stage engineers got to buck up or something.

Then at the back stage, a few particular contestants who was not in the top 10 like me were making some noise. I am quite okay for not being in the top 10. It actually relieves me and I felt happier as the competition has ended early for me. I enjoyed the rest of the show, of course minus-ing the technical screw up. Alright, Mr EC was like saying, “ I can’t believe this… I am a Manhunt 4th runner up and yet I didn’t get into the top 10 for this… what the hell… “and I clearly remembered the other time, during the “Ideal one contest” where I first met him, when he didn’t get a single stalk of rose, he was saying “ this contest is screwed up lah… “well… I must admit he got a never-say-die spirit, but I think he doesn’t have the sportsmanship leh. Then, another contestant, WC was like saying “#$%#@#... let’s change and leave… “

Hmmm... well... that is EC and WC ladies and gentlemen...
*CLue : Visit to find out who they are.

It was nice of Celine to invite us over to her house to chill out. Well, Dennis was there, so was me, Kenneth, Terence, Terry, Iain, Adophlus, Adrian, Gina and Adrian. And, that's all. Where's the rest ?? Who knows... but we had fun lah... especially when we talked about "somebody"... haha... had pizza, oops... i haven't pay leh... then mahjong !! I wanted to leave at 11pm with the fireboys... but... i was "conned" to stay to continue playing... i always view those who played with me for the first time as future khakis... so hopefully... we will get to play again lah... and... i want to win back my $12 !!

Last but not least... I am so sorry Nike... I didn't meant to send you the wrong Adventure21 logo... guess it will be hard to explain to Gordon. Really really sorry...

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