Friday, May 05, 2006

Job Lobang for all my dear frens !!

Alright, other than offering to OMC ppl, to those (who are my friends) who wanna a job, please look here !!

Do what ?
Phone Surveyors

How ?
Start work at 5pm till 10pm @ the GoldenShoe Carpark office (CBD area) where there are phones and computers.

You will be given a list of names and numbers to call. Once the person is contacted, a 3 minute screening will have to be conducted. Once it is done, you will get $1.50 for that.

Then proceed with the survey proper. Once completed, you will get $3.

So, a successful screening and survey will earn you $4.50.

Is more of a OTOT work, each night must try to hit at least 10 successful screening and surveys.

When start ?
Starting from 8th May, Monday. Don't have to work everynight, can select the nights. But once you have given me your schedules, please try to commit to it.

If you have doubts, or if you are interested or you wanna intro your fren, feel free to call/sms me lah... i believe you have my number right... =) it is 1800-Call-Steven