Friday, September 22, 2006

Hmmm... YES or NO ?

Singapore is suppose to be a country with good economic growth. But still, there is a line dividing the rich and the poor. Of course this is something commonly found in all countries, but i really find it hard to believe that there are really poor people in Singapore. I have heard of a man who can only afford to buy Mac for his 2 sons once in a blue moon. And that is just one McChicken burger shared by his 2 sons (who are in the primary school.) The point is, they are so poor that the McChicken is a luxury item for them.

My family is not rich. I am not rich. We are just okay, got enough to spend, got a house to stay in. Life is still pretty alright and comfortable. And a McChicken is definitely a common food item that i buy as something to munch on here and then. Hence, i was rather shocked when i heard the story. Other than him, there are also many "tissue sellers" who can stand at the entrance of the MRT stations all day. They can be "ah ma" or aunties who brought their daughters along. I really feel sorry for them. Especially the "ah ma", coz they remind me of my grandma, i would never hope to see my grandma doing that at her age. So, i bought once, the tissues, from one "ah ma". But i didn't buy from the auntie and her daughter, coz she looked fine to me. She's not disabled, and she could easily get herself a job, even as a cashier at McDonald. Maybe she has her reasons but i still think she shouldn't play around with people's emotion.

So, should i continue to donate money to the next "tissue seller" that i see?

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