Thursday, September 07, 2006


IA refers to Industrial Attachment and IO refers to Industrial Orientation. And NTU students got to choose either one of these programs in their 3rd year. IA is 20 weeks, so the thing that one will learn will definitely beats IO which is just 10 weeks. There is pros and cons to both IA and IO. Sia lah.

As my grades last sem was real bad, i was actually thinking of going for IO, so that i will have one sem to catch up my studies and do my IO during the May-July holiday. But seriously, i really want to go for IA which will be a good experience for me to decide whether i will stay in the CEE industry or not. So, it was really tough making the decision. Arghh, yesterday i went down to the Office of Professional Attachment, and even after talking to the officers there, i still cannot make my decision. They were kind enough to let me have one more day to think about it. At this point of time, i have already made my decision, but still not very sure about it. Haiz...

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