Wednesday, September 27, 2006

U Better go watch before it ends on 30th Sept !!!

Well, yes, i am talking about the production, Forbidden City : Portrait of an Empress !!

It is really a good one, good lighting, great music, wonderful performance by all the actors and actresses, especially Kit Chan !! She is the BEST !! At one more of time, her singing really gave me goosebumps... of course, it was because her singing touches my heart. I could feel the pain of the "Empress Dowager". Haiz... yes, it was a sad story. A sad one about the Empress Cixi. If you know anything or have heard things about her, you might have the impression that she killed her son in order to secure the No.1 position. In this production, it says otherwise, i have yet to find out more about it, but i will. Definitely will find out more about the history for this.

Hmmm... and surprise surprise surprise, Andy Joshua Lim was one of the ensemble !! He, of course i remembered, was the person who choreographed the dance for Mr Spore. Hmmm... and i wonder who that special friend he mentioned in the programme booklet... hmm hmm hmm... Well, Mr International is round the corner. And yeah, people, please do give ya support to Mr Spore !! Wish him all the best !!

Well, the show really brought me out of this world. When the show ended, applauses was unstoppable. Everyone clapped and clapped. In short, the performers really deserved our applauses. They have been perfoming since early this month and will continue to perform till end of the month, not easy leh. Plus, they have really really put up a great show. Especially Kit !! Glad that she is doing something that she enjoys. How i wish i can do things that i like. Well, with more time for myself now, i think i could. hee hee...

So, U Better go watch before it ends on 30th Sept !!!

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