Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's the day !!

Woo, today's the day for FORBIDDEN CITY !!

Have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, Wooo !! Can't wait to listen to Kit Chan sing. It was reported that last wednesday, Kit didn't perform and instead, somebody else stood in for her. Of course, this made those who went there to support kit angry. According to the organisers, it was because Kit wasn't feeling good and hence they got the substitute in to perform instead. Hopefully for today's performance, Kit will be there, after all, that is the main reason why i bought the ticket. Not Cheap leh !!

Just now went to work, as the floor trainer for EnergyOne Tampines. Well, it is kind of slack coz just need to collect the card, issue a locker key and 2 towels and just ensure that nothing goes wrong. Hmmm, think will be napping for a while, then later meet SY for the show. Wait for my review on the musical bah !!

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