Friday, September 23, 2011

不做,不会怎样. 做了,会不一样!


If you don’t do it, there won’t be much impact and life goes on.

If you do it, there will be a lot of impact and life might get more exciting!

We only live once, “Life is short, Live Hard”!

As much as I fear the cold, I want to challenge myself and go for the Everest Base Camp trip. Everything is confirmed now and I should be somewhere up on Mount Everest in end December.

I am still convincing myself that everything will be alright… the coldness will not be that cold… brrr….

Anyway, Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE will only announce the winner to represent them for the New York City Marathon 2011 next week. I hope I still stand a chance to represent them as I really want to run this marathon.

The ‘LIKE’s for each video are not the final scores and there will be other judging criteria, hence, I hope I can score more points in the other areas. Crossing my fingers now…

The assignments season has come and everybody is busy with assignments and more assignments. Once we get passed this season, Spring will be here and it will be time to P A R T A Y !!!!

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