Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to McDonald’s!


May I have your order please?

So I went for a session of the Open Doors 2011 before it officially starts on 18 Sept 2011 and had the opportunities to go beyond the counter and into the kitchen!


We have the nice people from McDonald’s to share with us some info and to show us around later.


There’s Ting, our Open Doors Ambassador! This is where the containers for the food and some condiments are stored at. It is really important to keep them tidy so that you know where to get what in the shortest period of time! This is FAST FOOD after all, remember?


With so much food in the house, we will need a HUGE refrigerator!!!



There is even a staff corner for staff to have their meals and rest during their break time. That is so considerate!!!


P9090047 P9090049

Alrighty, the next post I will touch on the more important stuff, which is the FOOD!!!!!!!!!

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