Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you ready for the MERLIONSTER?


Photo: http://incessantbanter.wordpress.com

If you didn’t manage to get selected for the VERMONSTER Challenge like I did, you may want to consider the MERLIONSTER!!!

Merlionster is the younger brother of Vermonster – 6 scoops with toppings!!! If you think you can finish it under 60 seconds, do drop by ChunkFest on this Saturday!

Prepare 30 FairCoins and use them to pay for this challenge. If you can finish it under 60 seconds, the 30 FairCoins will be refunded to you.

By 7.45pm, if you are the fastest pair to finish the Merlionster, you might walk away with the top prize which is worth $300!!!

How to join? Simply drop by the ChunkFest @ Marina Promontory this Saturday and look for the B&J’s booth!!

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