Friday, October 14, 2011

Crossfit Workshop @ Physical ABuse


I attended a CrossFit Workshop at Physical ABuse the other day and it sure was a fruitful session. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme which contains different stations – targeting different parts of the body. It is carried out over one minute (or more as you progress) per station and after completing all the stations, 5 minutes rest and then you go again.


There were ten stations and the trainers at Physical ABuse started out by demonstrating the correct movements that should be executed.


Then, we have to do an important task – WARM UP. Warming up is very important as it prepares our body for the physical activity that we are about to do. It also reduces the possibilities of injuries as well.


Then, we started the programme and the trainers were around to assist and provide guidance. I would say that CrossFit is a good workout to complement marathon training. It hits the whole body and is adds spices to the running programme that I have.


Lastly, the MOST important thing to do – WARMING DOWN.

I prefer the term “warming down” rather than “cooling down” because after a physical activity, you are all warmed up and so, you should “warm down”.

If warming down is carried out properly and sufficiently, one will recover and be ready for the next physical activity. Anytime.  

Many thanks to Physical ABuse for conducting the session. Physical ABuse is a boutique gym located at Havelock Road. 

*Photos were from Physical ABuse’s Facebook Page.

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