Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pizza Hut’s FUN MEAL!

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We went to help grandma to clean and repaint one of the rooms in her house. The lady who rented a room from grandma moved out after 13 years. Gosh!!! That’s so long!

Anyway, that lady, she left a huge mess in the room. She even cooked inside the room when there is a kitchen in the house. Hence, there are black stains on the wall where she her cooking.

There were dusts all over the places and some even solidified!!! Tsk tsk…

It wasn’t easy cleaning. The painting part was even worse. But somehow, we did it. And we rewarded ourselves with pizzas!!!!

The FUN MEAL comes with warmly toasted Tortilla chips & Cheese, Chicken Karaage and 1 Cheesy Bite Treats which was upsized to the LARGE one. And we ordered another LARGE Hawaiian pizza too!!!

Think we should do more of this. ^^V

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