Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ECO Music Challenge Season 2

2011-11-16 11.00.28

I received a copy of the album from the ECO Music Challenge Season 2. There are 15 eco-songs written by local talents and that includes “World Without Fences”, the Clean & Green Singapore 2012 theme song.


Yup, you should have heard this on the TV by now. “World Without Fences” is the winning song for this season. It starts with the light strumming on the guitar and the gentle voice of Robert Sunga.

After listening to all the songs on the album, my personal favourite is still “World Without Fences”, although “Take a Stand” and “Set Her Free” are pretty good as well.

The message behind the music challenge is to promote GREENESS – doing our part to save the environment. We all have a role to determine what kind of world our future generations live in.

And it is amazing, from one music challenge, how much talented people we can find. We do have talented Singaporeans who write and create great music and people who sing well. The songs covered several genres – Rock “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, Jazzy “Save Our Earth” and you can definitely dance to “Set Her Free”.

I bet the contestants had a great time learning from their mentor, Mr Clement Chow and knowing one another. It is always encouraging to meet like-minded people and know that it is worth what you can fighting for.

You may want to give this album a try and get it online or from the NEA Customer Service Centre.

“All proceeds from the sales go to the Singapore Nature Society to support the appreciation of our unique bio-diversity at Semakau Landfill.”

What have you done today to save our earth?


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