Saturday, November 05, 2011

Singapore to New York

It was a long long flight from Singapore to New York, almost 24 hours. All I can say is for long flight like this, we only eat, drink, sleep, watch inflight entertainment system, eat, drink, and repeat everything all over again.
I took SQ 26 and the food were fantastic. Simply delicious!!! Yummy!! Too bad they didn’t serve ice cream, otherwise, it will be even better!
It took around 12 hours for us to get to Frankfurt and gosh, Frankfurt is cold too!!
2011-11-04 13.48.10
So we stopover for around 1.5 hours and we had to go through the security clearance again. I guess, especially for USA, we have to play safe.
Singapore Airlines is really a great way to fly and being away from home, it was assuring to hear Singaporean accents. The lah leh loh that I hear always make me feel at home when I am not.
Here we go again, the second part of the journey. And here came the lifesaver, the flight attendant with the hot towels. One wipe and all tiredness is gone (for a while). But I could tell that it is not easy to be a SQ flight attendant. After towels, you got to clear the towels. Then serve drinks, then clear drinks. Then serve snacks, then clear snacks. Get it?
And they must always maintain a smile on their faces.

I didn’t sit beside the winow but I also manage to take some “sky” photos. This could be the best IES if not the fact that SQ’s KrisFlyer is really good.


I must mention the crepe that was served to me - it was very very delicious that I even ‘begged’ for a second serving.
And I met the German Tigers on the plane. I didn’t know we were flying together until Jules saw the Tiger Balm ACTIVE windbreaker that I was wearing.
Unfortunately, I lost them after I cleared the custom first. I wasn’t feeling too good and I needed the toilet, so I went to search for one. By the time I went back, they were gone.
So, I sticked to my plan – to take the subway from the airport to midtown
I missed one train and had to wait 25 minutes for the next one to come. And it was very very cold… Suddenly I thought of our own MRT – our MRT is actually not too bad.
So I took the Subway to 42nd St where the famous T _ M _ S S _ _ A _ E S is.


Anonymous said...

What is T _ M _ S S _ _ A _ E S? :)

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