Monday, November 07, 2011

ING New York City Marathon - DONE!

2011-11-07 04.23.37

Alrighty, so I have finished the run and completed my mission here. The supporters were totally amazing and the weather was great – but too cold for me. I ran for 4 hours 30 minutes but I thought it could have been better.

Maybe I spent too much time in the mobile toilets because of a rumbling tummy – too much cold air. Luckily I brought along with me the Tiger Balm ACITVE Muscle Spray with to ease the soreness in my legs. I also shared it with the other runners too!

There were many hurdles to clear before the run – finding suitable food, getting used to the time change, getting to the starting point, depositing my luggage. There are many different cuisines here but sourcing for suitable food is not easy. The easiest way would be to go to McDonald’s which is relatively cheaper than most of the other delicatessens.

Time change was something that caught me by surprise. I didn’t know about this until last night. I mean, I would have made my way earlier to the Ferry Terminal at 8am but because of the time change, the 8am is not 9am. Confusing? Go Google!

Then, after reaching Staten Island, we still had to take a shuttle bus and go round and round and round. That took like 20 minutes and luckily I got myself a seat.

Lots of people moved around the Start Village and there were so many things to look out for. I almost missed my chance to deposit my luggage with Team for Kids. The closing time was 9.20am and I got there around 9am but I was figuring out where to go.

Waiting for the marathon to start was challenging too – cold wind. Very very cold. I had an additional shirt but that was not enough. Something to take note if I am coming back next year.

Somebody sang “God Bless America” before the run and I think maybe we can consider singing something like that in Singapore. Maybe “Majulah Singapura”?

And here we go…

2011-11-06 23.48.38

The weather was great, spirits were high and there were a lot of excitements. The skyline of Manhattan from Staten Island was amazing and superb.

There were many supporters along the way, cheering for everyone. Kids were extending out their hands, waiting for someone to hi-five with them. People also shouted out, “Go ACTIVE!”, “Great Job, ACTIVE”, “Stay ACTIVE” to me. They must have thought that my name is ACTIVE, maybe they also saw that I already changed my name to Steven ACTIVE Goh on Facebook!

Supporters were also handing out candies, chocolates, water, Gatorade to runners. They were not stingy with their cheering and food. And as we ran through the different boroughs, it was obvious that they are proud of their own neighbourhoods. It will be great if residents in the different towns in Singapore can exhibit the same passion and love. There were also live bands performing throughout the run. Lots of music and lots of cheers.

There were runners from everywhere. France, Uruguay, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany… 47,000 of us! Maybe we can have more Singaporeans running this marathon next year. And more Singaporean supporters too!

Overall, I must say it was an awesome experience – doing ‘big business’ at the super duper yucky mobile toilets, tahan-ing the cold weather, being cheered and inspired by the passionate crowd, drinking tons of Gatorade, enjoying the Power Gel and banana.

A great way to see New York City and an amazing way to achieve another Finishers’ Medal.

2011-11-07 10.21.39

Thank you very much Tiger Balm ACTIVE for sending me here!

You guys rock!


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