Monday, June 21, 2010

Bird Nest? In Beijing?

Yup, there is a huge bird nest in Beijing. 

Unless you have been staying in Mars for the past 2-3 years, you should know this 'bird nest' pretty well. The official name for this place is the Beijing National Stadium and 'Bird Nest' is the nickname given to it (as it really looks like one). It was used in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics. 

002whatsthat-1.jpg picture by kodokido
The Bird Nest came into sight as our coach reached our destination.

bitdnest3.jpg picture by kodokido
The design is really unique and it really looks like a Bird Nest.

bitdnest4.jpg picture by kodokido
The weather was hot so this ice pop really came at the right time.

birdnest.jpg picture by kodokido
Now say "茄子"

bnn.jpg picture by kodokido
Ready, Set, GO!!!!

003birdnest-1.jpg picture by kodokido

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