Friday, June 04, 2010

City Harvest Church Saga

Wow wow wow... things are getting interesting in Singapore. First there were the MRT jumps, the dead bodies found at Sentosa and Marina Sands IR, a teenager got his fingers chopped off by some Malaysians and now the CHC Saga is ballooning - bigger and bigger. 

The public, including myself, has always been mindful of this organisation. Many years ago, I went to CHC once when it was still located at Paya Lebar. I remembered the people there were very friendly and warm to me. It felt like we were friends for a long long time... it felt good but at the same time, a little eerie... I couldn't help but thought to myself, "something is strange here". I went twice but that was it. 

Then, CHC produced a pop singer, Sun Ho who is the wife of the CHC's pastor Kong Hee. Never really like her, partly because I couldn't relate to her songs and partly because she is from CHC. I am not sure if she is really popular or if her supporters are only from CHC. She tried her lucks to venture into Taiwan but I guess the result is so-so. Then, she went to the USA and produced a few singles; one of which is "China Wine". It sounds alright but her MV was not what people expect from a pastor's wife or rather, from a Christian.

With the investigation still going on, there have been a lot of voices from both sides - the general public and CHC's supporters. One side is cheering that the organisation is finally being looked into while the other side is showing their support for their leaders. There is no sign that the comments on forums, facebook and twitter are slowing down. The comments by CHC's supporters are getting scarier too.

Look at this guy's comment, "CHC is half as the strength of the SAF regulars combined. Some regulars will even join us. If we want to build an army, we can. We want to buy arms, we have the money given to us by God to buy. No weapon shall form against us. CHC will be victorious, no matter what."

"When he arrived, the king asked him, "Micaiah, shall we go to war against Ramoth Gilead, or shall I refrain?" "Attack and be victorious," he answered, "for they will be given into your hand." - 2 Chronicles 18:14

God will give us victory if we are willing to fight in the name of the LORD."

I doubt he will do what he said but we never know. Why are these people brainwashed till this stage? They must recognize that the government is not against Christianity but are checking on the church's management. They must calm down and think sensibly, can they? Religions don't teach people to kill or hurt one another; humans are the ones who look into it too much and made it complicated. 

Honestly, CHC has been around for a long time, why now? I mean, why is the investigation been carried out now? Is somebody trying to score points? He has not achieve anything significant and if the election is going to be held this year, he has to show that he is the best man to lead Singapore. Or is he not? Fishy fishy fishy... 



Kim said...

First of all, are you sure he's city harvest church's supporter..? I don't have friends who talked like that.. Thanks for a one sided view using red herring...

Anonymous said...

To Kim:

First of all, are we sure you are CHC supporter as well? How can we assume your friends are the true genuine CHC supporters? Thanks for also offering your one sided view using your own red herring...

Lawrence said...

First, I am from CHC.
Second, I don't agree with whatever that guy is saying, starting a war or whatever. That was a very dangerous comment to make
Third, CHC has benefited me in many ways, not just spiritually.

And, one person's comment does not define the church as a whole. Now, just because we have some crazy fella coming out and saying 'we can start a war we can buy weapons' doesn't mean the whole church is one bunch of crazy people going to endanger the nation. It's just 1 crazy fella, and unfortunately, there are crazy people everywhere, it's a fact of life.

Lastly, I do not wish to join in this debate of whether CHC's leaders are innocent or not, but of course I have faith in my leaders and of course I hope and I pray that they are innocent to begin with. I won't debate, it will never end. I will just sit back and watch how this unfolds.

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