Friday, June 18, 2010

World Expo 2010 @ Shanghai (Part 1)

Some pictures from my trip to the World Expo 2010 @ Shanghai. There were long queues almost everywhere, waiting time for the Saudi Arabia Pavilion broke the record with 8 hours. This is crazy... Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience and I would recommend people to go and take a look. By the way, the pavilions over at the Puxi side are more interesting and more related to the theme, "Better City, Better Life".

Expo-Sg.jpg picture by kodokido
The Singapore Pavilion looks better than the pictures; but still there are other more interesting pavilions in the park. 

SEA.jpg picture by kodokido
Our Asean neighbors are located near to the Singapore Pavilion. 

Performance.jpg picture by kodokido
Some performance going on at the Asia Square.

croatia.jpg picture by kodokido
I kind of like the design of this pavilion, simple and nice. 

Canada.jpg picture by kodokido
Canada Pavilion looks good, too bad the queue was too long. As a matter of fact, almost all pavilions have long queues.

Spain.jpg picture by kodokido
This pavilion has straw mats covered all over it; a lit cigarette will definitely set the place on fire.

Egypt.jpg picture by kodokido
The design of the Egypt Pavilion is quite cool too... look at the curves... 

ihaveachair.jpg picture by kodokido
Because of the long queues, many visitors brought along their own stools/chairs. 

onefamily.jpg picture by kodokido

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