Thursday, January 10, 2008

Student Special [One]

Me, Xy, Kev and Wil went to the Sakae Sushi @ Frontier CC. This was my first time stepping into the building after it was completed a year or two back. To me, it is just another integrated building that combines retail shops with library with CC with a polyclinic. Convenient it is but it is just so uninteresting.

Ok, back to Sakae. The branch at Frontier CC is pretty small, not very cosy; but hey, isn't new HDB like that as well? Small and squeezy like a pigeon hole. Anyway, it was the food and friends that made the meal a great one. It had been some times since i went to Sakae for the buffet... when was the last time... hmmm... i think it was with Grace, CM and Denis. Very long ago... I still remembered somebody brought a plastic bag to hid the rice.

The verdict: the food was decent and because there weren't many people, they were served very fast. And because it is at a student price, so i would say it is worth it!! But this student is not offered to SIM students. Strange hah... On the poster, it states that the offer is only for those aged between 13-21; we were no where near this figures but students from NTU and NUS are an exception. But why are SIM students excluded?

New way of marketing? Seriously, how many students between the age of 13-21 can afford a meal @ Sakae? Is that the reason why students from NTU and NUS are an exception?

Strange but in a few months time, i won't be able to leverage on this offer anymore. Haiz...

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