Wednesday, January 23, 2008

White card not needed to enter Malaysia

Yeah, I have signed up for the Monopoly Challenge. Students from NTU can join as well and gosh, it is going to start in another 6 hours time. The prize is not really attractive leh, but I guess it is the process of playing the game that should be more important.

Anyway, i heard from 933 that visitors to Malaysia no longer need to fill in the white card. I was actually happy to hear it as it has always been a hassle to fill it in; there are times when we requested more of these cards so that we can keep them at home and filled it before going to the checkpoint.

So, with that piece of information in mind, I anticipated the trip to JB yesterday. And indeed, the white cards were not required and it took less than 10 seconds to clear the Malaysian checkpoint. Very very smooth. They should indeed make this policy a permanent one.

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