Monday, January 07, 2008

New Last Sem in NTU

Oh no... it is the beginning of my final sem in NTU.

How time files...

Anyway, i promise myself that i will appreciate and value this final sem!!

First of all, for the last time, i have to settle my timetable. This is what everybody has to do when school starts. The add-drop period is crucial since we cannot alter the schedule anymore after this period.

Then, i have to see my fyp tutor, do my fyp...

Next, i will have to remember to sign up for the Re'kre-at NTU Programme. I want to sign up for the Beach Volleyball; it sounds cool and feels good and i think i need to brush up my skills too. Then, i can head straight for Sentosa again (I have to renew my membership... but i think is pretty worth it...)

Joining a dragonboat team is always something that i wanted to do and gosh, i have done so. PLK dragonboat team is the one that i've joined and i think it will be a superior team in the near future!!

Last but not least, i have to settle the Work & Travel USA thing by end of this month. The interview is on 26th Jan 2008. Hopefully it will proceed smoothly and we can all go to USA - to do "household chores".

Ok, i can predict that this sem will be exciting and i will be so looking forward to it.

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