Monday, January 28, 2008

I am going to Grand Canyon wor ~ ~ ~

Last Saturday, i went to Orchard Hotel for the Work & Travel USA interview. The company who put together the program, Stupidwing, was very nice to start the registration at 7.30am and that means i have to wake up at 6.15am to get ready. In the end, i woke up at 5.30am. How nice of them...

Maybe they got some reasons but still, getting everybody to go down so early doesn't reflects well on the company. Tsk tsk, but well then, I guess my gang and myself are used to it already. That's why we called it "Stupidwing"!!

Lousy customer service, lousy management, lousy planning... we would have opted out if not for the $50 that we have paid to them. Why should we have to bear all these nonsense from such a company? Yes, if not for the $50.

But still, i was astonished when i saw Meg, assistant HR Manager from Xanterra PArks & Resorts; all the way from USA to interview the many hopeful students including us. She looks cool and she is cool. Wooo... All the nonsenses from Stupidwing seems to disappear for a while.

We were then directed to another room to wait for our turns to be interviewed. We waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited... It was at least 100 minutes before we were told that it is our turn. Gosh... tsk tsk...

The interview was simple as Meg chatted with each and one of us at the table; it was a group interview with 8 people in one go. MAybe that was the reason for the long time it took to finish interviewing one group but i beileved there is definitely room to be improved.

The interview was smooth and i got the position of Snack Bar Attendant, so did Kev. Xiang Yan and Siti got the post of Guest Room Attendant, which is more commonly known as chambermaids... haha... both positions sounded pretty unglam hor ~

We are indeed going to USA to be cheap labour, just like some other people from some other countries who came to Singapore to be cheap labour as well. But i would say it is definitely going to be an extraordinary experience for myself and everybody else.

At least, i can see that there is going to be many of us going to work in Grand Canyon, at least 35 of us. Cool isn't it? haa ha..

But last night, Xiang Yan told me Siti's parent changed their mind and decided that Siti is not allowed to go to USA. Gosh, this is a sticky situation. Hopefully it can be settled when we go down to the company tomorrow.

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sierra-xandra said...

Hi :) I am planning to join the programme this winter. Just wondering what they asked you in the interview, because this is going to be my first time going for an interview my whole life lol

how was the programme in ur opinion?