Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Goodbye MC King

The 40-year-old comedian died on Friday after complaining of breathing difficulties.
Was it stress?



It doesn't matter.

Now that he is gone, it really doesn't matter.

MC King was never the main lead in any programs. He played more of a supporting role and he really did a good job. But i was never a fan of his.

I remembered there was a time, i was radio-channel surfing. His voice happened to appear over station FM LOVE972. He was sharing his experience over something and he chatted with callers and there was chemistry between him and Yongmei (972 deejay). I was glued to the station for that morning.

It was reported that many people turned up for his funeral. Raymond Tan, Henry Chia, Thomas Ong, Wang Libing, Wang Yuxiang... Other than the "stars" who went, there were many more who were there to see the "stars". Some even asked the "stars" for autograph. Gosh... what were they thinking?

Just before the body was to be cremated, he was given a minute of applause. Something which would have been more meaningful if done when he was alive. Why is it that he is only given recognition after his death? Why ar?

May you rest in peace, MC King.

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Tianhong said...

most artiste only become famous after their death. look at painters which is a very good example. no matter what he left laughter for all before his death and tts what it counts