Sunday, March 18, 2007


For some reasons, i am very tired this weekend. Why ah ?? Don't understand. 7hours of sleep and still like that... hmmmm... O_o

Yesterday, i didn't managed to clinch $400. Not even $200, only $100. Sad leh... It was all the SBJ's fault, just 3cm more to $200. Just 3cm !! Never mind, i still got time. I shall try again this saturday and i shall train for it.

There was an article in today's paper - it was about the relevance of the static stations and physical fitness. There was this guy who ran marathons, went for adventure races but yet, he couldn't pass his SBJ. So, LL for him lah... In fact, i think IPPT is a test that puts a person's overall fitness to the test.

Then, i will be getting my room keys tomorrow. Hopefully, i can stay with somebody who will be a good roomie. Actually got empty rooms at hall 4 and 8 but Chris wanted hall 2 badly... so no choice... hall 2 only has partially occupied rooms. Haiz... meaning, i will be sharing the room with a stranger. I just hope he is not too strange...

Steven !! Have you been Mugging ??

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