Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March.

March is coming to an end and gosh, that's 25% of 2007 which is gone. Have you achieved what you have promised at the beginning of the year ? It is good to have goals as they act as the candles in the dark guiding you along. Without them, it will be harder to reach your targets as you might get distracted and eventually, give up. But even with these candles, you might still not achieve what you wanted to as you might have placed your candles at such a high point that they flicker so much and you lost your concentration. Well, there's no absolute in our world. I believe in that and i think there will always be solutions cater to problems.

Today, met Audrey and we talked about the different professionals. As an engineer, we were often taught that there is only one fixed answer for this particular question. And we have codes to follow, so there will only one standard answer. Arts students, on the other hand, think much more broadly as they need to be as creative as possible. Hence, there are lots of jokes about the different professionals, like Engineers VS Business men VS Scientists, etc.

Counting down, slightly more than 2 weeks to exams. Steven Goh, concentrate on the mugging !! Don't lose sight of your candle and lose your way.

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