Friday, March 16, 2007

Steven@Hall 2

Woo hoo ~~~ I got a hall le !! Great, now i don't have to worry about waking at up late for the exams.
Many thanks to Ms Ng Bee Leng !! Thanks !!

Anyway, it has been 5 days since i bought my new player, Creative Zen Vision M(ZVM) 30Gbs. Quite a cool gadget as it plays music, photos, videos and radio. Cool hah... My song library has now 500 songs, from 180 to 250 to 380 to 500. There is still room for more. Plus, by having the photos and videos in this player, that means i can view my pictures anytime, anywhere. XP

Steven Alert !! EXams are coming soon!! Start MUGGING !!!!!!!

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