Monday, March 12, 2007

4th for Xphysique !!

Woo hoo ... surprising results !! We actually got 4th !!

Amazing !!

We didn't expect this to happen as we only came with a "relax" mood hoping to complete the race with a good timing. But well, things just went smoothly for us.

It started at the Youth Park @ Orchard. At 12pm, yes @ noon time when the sun is bloody hot, we were flagged off. First checkpoint was @ Marina Bay. Far far away, take note, is Marina BAY not Marina Square. So, we got no choice but to start jogging towards this checkpoint. Everybody was clustered together initially ; eventually, we made a turn and lost sight of the rest.

Nearing Chinatown, we saw some teams again and this just motivated us to keep on moving. We bashed thru the grass patch with uncertainties and soon we were caught up by some teams who were behind us. They had copied and follow the path that we took. Darn !!

We reached the checkpoint and it turned out to be the cycling segment. 3 laps round the Marina Bay area. It wasn't that hard and the scenery was great. But i guessed i was a bit harsh on the station IC when she asked me to let the other team to go first.
Yes yes yes i know they reached first so they should go first, ya da ya da...

The next station was a nearby pond. River Crossing !!

Not very interesting but well, we still got to clear. Next, we ran all the way to Marina Promemade for the kayaks. the kayaking distance is okay, not too long not too short. I had fun, and we managed to score during this segment as we managed to overtook some of the leading teams.

Next, we jogged to the grass patch opposite East Gate where we got to dragged a pile of items over a distance. But it was during this segment that IV 0026 caught up with us. Abseiling was next. Not too tough as there was resistance somewhere somehow. Sianzzz...

Then, it was back to the start point, Youth Park !!

The final stretch is always the hardest as everybody was tired and fatigue has hit in. But did we stop and take a break @ Mac ? Of course not.. haha... how could we give up now ?? So we ran and ran and ran and ran... and we finished it !!!

Overall, it was enjoyable although i think the obstacles can be more challenging. And to the station IC @ the cycling segment, paisei lah ~~~

Oh, and the goodies bag, it sux big time loh ; come on NTU sports club you can do better than this. From what i see, it is a budgeted race. Boo ~~

Great performance by King Kong Jane @ the end point. Great vocal power by the lead singer, but the shortformed - KKJ, is a bit ... well.. =)

And wah, it did seem like the whole NTU was there, people people everywhere. Sure feels good to be in a race where friends are competing as well. It made the whole thing more exciting, and not to mention beating them... wa ha ha ha...

Great job Hui Qun, Rong Qiang and Denis !!

Err, the picture is not clear... will post a better one when i get hold of it !

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