Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

How have things been going ? I am so sorry for not blogging that often nowadays. There are just too many things in my mind, i just don't know where to start from.

Yesterday, Dr Mak just confirmed with me that his company won't be able to employ me for my IO. Sad. He was one of two who actually replied to many tons of emails. I shall call Cindy later after lunch today to see how. 14th March is approaching and i am no where near clinching a IO company. Haiz...

Then, yesterday went to SAO to register for hall. Paid $15.75 and it is not refundable if i don't get any hall. So, i am crossing my fingers and hope that i will get hall2. Chris was saying, this is machaim like buying toto ; the result will be generated by computer balloting.

I am troubled, i seriously don't know what PMP i should get. Creative Zen M or V Plus or Ipod or should i just get a laptop or should i get a new phone with a player in it ? IT Show is this weekend, i have finally managed to wait until this week. Hopefully i will find some good buys then.

Exam is coming. Yes, it is. So, i guess i am falling into the Mugger Mode. I cannot afford not to do well anymore. Haiz...

A man fell onto the MRT tracks @ Bishan last Sunday. Again. Gosh, i think SMRT should just build barriers to prevent such cases from happening again. I don't think it will cost much, so for goodness sake, DON'T increase the fares again.

Tremors was felt by many yesterday after the earthquake @ Indonesia. Some how, i didn't feel it.

Looking at how those who went overseas for their attachment had so much fun, i just feel kind of envy.

There was this female MP who was featured in last Sunday's paper. She rebutted Sylvia Lim's comment about the hike in GST. She said something like "rushing around to find toilet paper only when you need to do it..." in hokkien. I think she is trying too hard to impress. I am also sick of the P.A.P ministers role playing among themselves. It is not convincing enough.

Then, we are still being bullied by the countries around us. Yes, i know, they are just diverting attention away from their own local issues. But is it necessary to do it at our expenses ?

I know this post is rather messy, so let it be bah.


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