Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So 'happy' to see the dentist...

I have never liked any of my trips to see the dentist. I am pretty sure I took care of my teeth and why do I still get toothache so often?

Rewind back to 2 weeks ago, there was this pain in one of my bottom left teeth. It hurts especially when I eat; this is really sad as I really love to eat.

However, I brainwashed myself that the pain will go away eventually. It did not. As the condition worsened, I decided to see the dentist today.

That tooth which caused me pain is one-third gone. The canal roots are infected and the conservative way to solve the problem was to fill it up with fillings. But this is only a short term solution and the better way to do this is to either go through root canal treatment or extract the whole tooth out.

Seriously, I hope that the conservative way can last me for a long long time as I can't imagine what the other 2 treatments will be like. The numbing effect from the jab remained in my gum for almost 3 hours and that is not cool. I can't talk properly and I can't eat.

This is once again, another lesson to remind me to really really really take care of my teeth.


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