Friday, December 17, 2010

Yushan (玉山) Mount Jade

Yushan climb map

How to get to Yushan? (from wikitravel)

The nearby major cities are Taichung (台中) and Chiayi (嘉義).

  • Taichung → Shueili (水里)→ Heshe (和社) → Tongpu (東埔) → Tataka Recreation Area (塔塔加遊憩區)
  • Chiayi → Alishan (阿里山) → Tataka Recreation Area

From the Tataka Recreation Area:

If you take the main route, you can park in three different places and reach the trailhead differently[1]:

  • From Tataka Visitor Center
  • From Shangdongpu (上東埔)
  • From Lulin Pass (鹿林)

The Hike (from wikitravel)

Getting from the Tatajia Visitor Center to the trailhead, a journey of over 2km, can be done on foot, or by a regular shuttle service that costs NT$100.

The hiking trail leading from the trailhead at Tatajia Anbu to Paiyun Lodge is 8.5km long. Paiyun Lodge at an elevation of 3402 metres is located below the west slope of Yushan Main Peak and is an important base for climbing the Yushan Peaks. As high mountain hikes go, it is relatively easy, with few steep or technical sections. In some sections the trail goes downhill, and there are plenty of level grade sections. The trail is clearly marked, with a distance post every half km showing distance traveled and distance remaining. There are also some interpretive signs on the way, explaining the flora and geology with varying degrees of informativeness. Along the way there's a side trail to Yushan Front Peak, which can be explored by those with the time and energy. It takes 4 to 8 hours to reach the lodge from the trailhead, depending on fitness level.

The trail from Paiyun Lodge to the peak is 2.4km long. It only starts becoming technical around the last half kilometer or so, with the last 200 meters being the steepest and most difficult section...though by high mountain standards, still relatively easy. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the peak from the lodge.

Permit is required to climb Yushan, it is possible to apply for it online in advance.

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