Tuesday, December 14, 2010

YT Gadgets

Suddenly, it occurred to me that Youth Trekker sounds like a super hero... like Spiderman and Batman... Youth Trekker (YT), the Adventure Seeker!

A hero will definitely requires many special gadgets to assist him on his missions. And the following gadgets are super duper 'confidential':

(1) Youth Travel Card
With this card, youths enjoy discounts at retails, F&B shops and more. Check out the whole here.

(2) Digital Tour Buddy
A mobile phone can be rent FOC throughout the duration Youth Trekker explore Taiwan! Cool huh... More details here.

(3) Taiwan Rail Pass
With this TR Pass, the holder will enjoy unlimited access to Taiwan Rail's services. What a way to save money and time! Details!

(4) Tour Buddy
NYC has invited university students to come up with a few itineraries and visitors can sign up for them and be shown around by them. Click here for the details!

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