Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to get your Chunkadelic Xmas Iphone Jacket?

For those who are not aware, Ben & Jerry's is giving out Iphone Jackets to all Ben & Jerry's lovers!!!!! All you need to do is to gather 4 pint lids and go to one of the scoop shops at 12pm tomorrow.

The Iphone jackets come in a box and you will only what you get after you open it up; there is Peace, Love, Ice Cream and Mystery. If you got the Mystery one, "Congrats!!!", you will win the Special B&J's bicycle too!!

And with every Iphone Jacket, there is a coupon which you can redeem 2 scoops of Yummlicious B&J's ice cream... Yum Yum...

If you have not gotten your pint lids, 30 minutes ago, I found out that Shop and Save is selling 2 pints for $21.90. This is the lowest price I have seen over the past few days. So do consider running to the Shop and Save nearest to you if you want to have the Chunkadelic Xmas Iphone jacket! Moooooooooooooo...

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