Friday, December 17, 2010


Alishan or Mount Ali is located at Chiayi County and can be reached via coaches and trains from the other cities/counties.

Alishan Forest Railway

The Typhoon Morakot August 2009 damaged most transportation links to Alishan and this includes the iconic trains that go all the way up the mountain. So the only way to get up is via bus from Chiayi at NT$221 each way. Entry fee is NT$150 if we go in via public transportation, otherwise it is NT$200 person.

Things to do!
  • Jhushan (祝山),
  • Giant Trees Trail
  • Shoujhen Temple (受鎮宮).
  • Two Sisters Pond (姊妹潭).

Things to Eat and Drink!
Being a tea lover, I will definitely not miss the chance to taste the High Mountain Oolong tea! It should be pretty cool up there in the mountain; hence I think having hotpot for dinner sounds like a fantastic idea. Imagine eating vegetables and animals planted or caught from the mountain, now that is what I call, 'Organic'! Now Fenchiu Lunch box is rather famous too, so it is a must-try item too!!

Where to stay?
As for staying for the night, I think I will go with Gao Shan Ching Hotel!

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